A Kalahari Henna!

A Kalahari Henna!

Well, my kids March Break from school is officially over but we did get a chance to take them to Kalahari Water Park in Sandusky, Ohio for the first time. While we were there my five year old daughter wanted to get a “tattoo” so after we were all done in the water park we both got one. This is the first time I’ve ever had a henna done and I quite like it. I may just have to see if this is something I can learn how to do myself. I also think that this is an indication of what my daughter is going to want to do when she is older. Although, I don’t have a real tattoo (only because I’m afraid of the pain) I would let her get one as long as it is tasteful and in a “normal” place. However, we will have to do it on the sly or Daddy will have a heart attack!

What do you think of tattoos? Are they just a passing fad? Would you let your daughter (or son) get one? Please comment and let me know your thoughts on the subject.

2 thoughts on “A Kalahari Henna!

  1. I got two tattoos on my left wrist – only after giving it MUCH thought.
    Definitely no flowers, tinkly stars or such things for me.
    A tattoo has to have a very special meaning for me – something that won’t change for a lifetime and nothing too common.
    And I can only tell from my own experience: I felt no pain whatsoever!:-)
    Just a very interesting prickling sensation on my skin…

    And well, I think I would allow my kids to have a tattoo – but I would be very unhappy with ugly pictures or strange places… For instance a skull on my sons throat or things like this…!😉

    • Yes, I agree. It would have to be something meaningful and small. I know I will be going through this probably with my daughter but not my son. But my husband would totally go nuts if either of his kids got tattoos. The way I see it is let them do what they want as long as it’s not hurting them or anyone else. Who knows, maybe I’ll get one at the same time! LOL!

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