Some Spring Beauty During a Polar Vortex Winter!


This is the view from my window as of yesterday in Ontario, Canada. Not as bad as Wednesday where the panes were so covered with ice you couldn’t even see outside! Today is a balmy spring day compared to the last few weeks! I am SOOOOOOO done with this polar vortex and would love to see some hints of spring. So, I thought I would show you this lovely azalea that has just bloomed inside my house over the past couple of weeks. I purchased this lovely plant last spring while it was already blooming and I left it outside until mid October. Now, you must understand, I DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT have a green thumb! So imagine my surprise when I saw some new flowers budding! At first, I was concerned that this might mess up it’s blooming schedule and now it won’t flower in the spring when it’s supposed to but I’ve decided that it is better to enjoy this burst of beautiful spring color while it’s so grey and boring outside!


I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Come on Spring!

xo Elisa

2 thoughts on “Some Spring Beauty During a Polar Vortex Winter!

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