Shop Photo Critique PLEASE!!!

Test Collage 1

Since it’s a brand new year I was thinking of changing up the look of my Etsy shop a bit. As it stands now, I am using a white background with lime green and chocolate raffia as a small punch of color. I wanted to introduce a fresh look but keeping with the same color scheme so I thought I would try a white and lime green patterned towel. Then I found a piece of burlap and thought that might add some rustic shabby chic flair to my shop. Now, I’m just not sure what to do. I’m leaning toward just keeping my original clean white background. What do you think? You can either comment below or join the discussion on my Facebook page. I’d really appreciate the insight!

Test Collage 2

2 thoughts on “Shop Photo Critique PLEASE!!!

  1. Hi Elisa, If only my husband and 2 sons and daughter-in-law would have the “sense” to ask my opinion. I think you are very wise to be careful about anything looking too “busy” or detracting from your pieces. I am not a burlap fan, but I do think it would be quite effective to display the especially rustic pieces. Of the 2 towels I think the one in the upper left corner is much better than the other. It ( when placed subtly) would not detract from your gorgeous pieces the way the
    more patterned one would. I have always thought that it looks good with the raffia. But sometimes, I have thought…needs a little color (you asked ; ) ) ! Is green your favorite color? I know that lime and brown are your signature shop colors. Would it work to consider using a more
    moss ( a little softer green) for definite wedding pieces. Or maybe an ecru linen napkin with hem
    stitching or pulled threads for wedding pieces. No lace…that could detract from the pattern on the
    silver. You are so wise to keep your shop fresh. Good Luck! Dear Friend.
    The best to you,

    • Thank you so much Diane! I really appreciate your insight. For now, I think I may just leave it the way I have it because I do like the “clean” and uncluttered look but I may introduce something else in the near future and it might not even be the green towel or the burlap! So we may have to go through all of this again! LOL!

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