What if I Fall?

Every week I will be posting a quote that I find motivating and uplifting. Sometimes we all need a word of encouragement to get us through the day and I am hoping the quotes and inspirational messages I share will help with whatever is going on in your life at that particular moment. This week’s quote is by Erin Hanson and it is something I will be telling my children on a regular basis. You will never know if you can fly unless you try. Never be afraid of trying something new. Trying is half the battle and if you fall, get up and try again.

This quote has come at a good time for me as I am working on a new collection for Dazzling Dezignz. It’s entirely different from the other items in my shop (although still related) and I often catch myself worrying that it will not sell well. I have to remind myself that I will never know unless I try. And if it doesn’t go over…. try again!

I’d love to hear if there is anything you are afraid to try. We all have something and it’s nice to know we aren’t alone. Please comment below if you feel like sharing.WHAT IF I FALL?

♥♥♥ Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2015 ♥♥♥

Etsy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner so I’ve come up with a few of my favorite things to give to your sweetie…. and yes, I am partial to these hand stamped vintage spoons! :)


How awesome is this t-shirt found on Unicorn Tees on Etsy? Hmmm, I’m thinking I may buy one for my own DH! :)

What guy wouldn’t love a book of love coupons that he can redeem any time? This cute coupon book is found on PaperHeartPrint on Etsy and can be personalized with his name on the front and your name on the back.

A beautiful handmade linen photo album from EstelleBillot on Etsy would be perfect filled with photos of a romantic trip taken together…. or save for one that’s yet to come!


What a darling pair of gloves from talkingloves on Etsy! There are many color combinations to choose from and some can be monogrammed with initials and others come with matching hats.

What girl doesn’t like jewelry? This gorgeous aqua chalcedony and sterling silver necklace from skyejuice on Etsy is the perfect thing!

Download an inspirational quote, print it out and put it in a lovely frame to show your love. This one from GoodPoison on Etsy will certainly do the trick!


Love these puzzle piece keychains from customhemptreasures on Etsy.

These adorable mugs from LoveArtWorks on Etsy are absolutely perfect! Start your day off sharing a cup of coffee or tea together with these cute mugs.

These are the cutest cell phone cases I have ever seen! These are by CaseOasis on Etsy and there are many more to choose from in their shop!

These are just a few of the awesome finds I found on Etsy. Please feel free to share any great finds that you come across by posting a link below.

Happy Valentine’s Day! xo

A New Life for a Vintage Find

Vintage Pastry Server

I found THE MOST adorable vintage pastry server that I just couldn’t pass up! The only problem is that there wasn’t much room on it to stamp much of anything but I decided to give it a go anyway. I posted this photo on my Facebook page just to show everyone how cute it was (I still hadn’t even decided if I was going to offer it up or keep it for myself… I was leaning towards keeping it)! Within a matter of minutes someone snatched it up! I guess that made my choice for me. :)

After sending some photos of font styles and text suggestions and pairing it up with these equally adorable pastry forks this gorgeous and one of a kind wedding gift was created.

I’m a little sad to let this gem go but I am so happy that I can provide such a unique and memorable keepsake for the bride and groom to enjoy for many many years to come.

Custom Pastry Set

Custom Pastry Set

A New Project on the Horizon


This year I am hoping to add a new product to the Dazzling Dezignz collection. This was my first attempt and unfortunately, it did not turn out exactly how I had envisioned it my head. But what good idea works out the first time? At least that is what I am telling myself! I will go back to the drawing board and try again, and again, and again if need be.

Can you tell what I might be creating? It includes sayings from some of my most popular stamped spoons, it belongs in the kitchen and can either be decorative or used for its intended purpose. Any ideas? Post your comment below with your guess and in the meantime, I’ll keep working on it until it’s perfect!

Happy 2015!!!


Well, here we are in the first full week of 2015! I have big plans for Dazzling Dezignz this year and to help me get organized and stay on track is this gorgeous notebook from vbtypography. She is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and you can find her on Etsy. I was searching for something that would be motivating and inspiring and when I saw this one it just screamed “buy me!”

I also stamped up one of my vintage teaspoons with the words “2015, THIS IS YOUR YEAR!” so when I use it every day to stir my coffee I am reminded of the great things that are on the horizon. You can find this spoon in my Etsy shop and you can have it stamped with or without the year (which would then make every year your year)!

So, with a brand new year ahead of us I would love to hear what might be in store for you. Comment below with your 2015 aspirations and goals and let’s make this year great!

How To Set a Table


I know that we all know how to set a table but there are some rules to follow when entertaining. Whether you are having a casual dinner party with a handful of friends or a more formal and elaborate affair, be sure your table is set properly. A gorgeous table is the foundation of a wonderful dinner!


A casual dinner will start off with an appetizer or salad, have a main course and finish off with a dessert. The salad fork is placed outside of the dinner fork to the left of the plate. The salad fork will be used first and the bread and butter plate will be to the left above the forks. The knife will go to the right of the plate and you would put both a water glass and one wine glass to the top right of the plate. If desired, you could add a coffee cup which would go just above the tip of the knife. Any dessert utensils can be brought in with that course.


A formal dinner will start with soup, followed by a salad, the main course and then, finally, dessert. The dinner plate can sit on a charger, which will stay until dessert is served. Other dishes, such as the soup, salad and main course sit on top of the charger plate. Forks sit to the left of the plate in order of use and the knife and soup spoon sits to the right of the plate. The bread plate, with it’s own butter knife, sits to the left and above the forks. The dessert utensils sit above the plate, parallel to one another with the spoon facing left and the fork facing right. Teacups or coffee cups are brought in with the dessert along with the teaspoon. The water glass, white wine and red wine glasses form a triangle above the knife and spoon to the right. Everything is removed except for the dessert cutlery and water glass when the dessert is brought in.

After you have all of your silverware, plates and glassware in place, it is now time to dress up the table…. a little bit! If you are using linen napkins it might be fun to have some festive napkin rings that suits the occasion. Then you can place the napkin on the plate to jazz it up a bit. When choosing a centrepiece though, keep in mind that your guests don’t want to have to look through it or around it to talk to one another. A nice, simple arrangement is best.

Please refer to The Canadian Living website for more great tips and even some images on where to place everything.