How To Set a Table


I know that we all know how to set a table but there are some rules to follow when entertaining. Whether you are having a casual dinner party with a handful of friends or a more formal and elaborate affair, be sure your table is set properly. A gorgeous table is the foundation of a wonderful dinner!


A casual dinner will start off with an appetizer or salad, have a main course and finish off with a dessert. The salad fork is placed outside of the dinner fork to the left of the plate. The salad fork will be used first and the bread and butter plate will be to the left above the forks. The knife will go to the right of the plate and you would put both a water glass and one wine glass to the top right of the plate. If desired, you could add a coffee cup which would go just above the tip of the knife. Any dessert utensils can be brought in with that course.


A formal dinner will start with soup, followed by a salad, the main course and then, finally, dessert. The dinner plate can sit on a charger, which will stay until dessert is served. Other dishes, such as the soup, salad and main course sit on top of the charger plate. Forks sit to the left of the plate in order of use and the knife and soup spoon sits to the right of the plate. The bread plate, with it’s own butter knife, sits to the left and above the forks. The dessert utensils sit above the plate, parallel to one another with the spoon facing left and the fork facing right. Teacups or coffee cups are brought in with the dessert along with the teaspoon. The water glass, white wine and red wine glasses form a triangle above the knife and spoon to the right. Everything is removed except for the dessert cutlery and water glass when the dessert is brought in.

After you have all of your silverware, plates and glassware in place, it is now time to dress up the table…. a little bit! If you are using linen napkins it might be fun to have some festive napkin rings that suits the occasion. Then you can place the napkin on the plate to jazz it up a bit. When choosing a centrepiece though, keep in mind that your guests don’t want to have to look through it or around it to talk to one another. A nice, simple arrangement is best.

Please refer to The Canadian Living website for more great tips and even some images on where to place everything.

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Happy Hallowe’en… Vintage Style!


Modern day Hallowe’en greeting cards have nothing on the vintage ones! I love this one for the lovely sentiment it sends the receiver…. good luck and riches! Wouldn’t that be nice!

Do you remember receiving Hallowe’en cards when you were younger? Do you send Hallowe’en cards today? I’d love to hear!

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Etiquette Tips to Get You Through the Holiday Season

modern etiquette

Well, that time is almost upon us again. The time where we are invited to countless holiday functions! Whether it’s an office party, a friend’s house party or you are the hostess of the party, there are some rules of etiquette to follow. Here you will find some tips, some are old fashioned but always important, and some are new additions… hint, hint… no cell phones please! I hope you find these helpful as we enter the busiest time of the year.


1. MAKE THE INVITE CLEAR. Have all necessary information right on the invitation. Let your guests know if this is a casual party or a more formal affair. Nothing is worse than coming under dressed. Over dressed is okay though!

2. PLAN WELL. Don’t try a new recipe on your guests. Plan the menu using dishes that are tried and true and you know your guests will love. Get everything ready before your guests arrive so you can relax and socialize a bit.

3. REMAIN CALM. Making sure the atmosphere is relaxed is essential in making sure your guests are having a good time. You never want them to feel like they are putting you out and making your stress levels rise. If someone offers help and you truly need it, accept!

4. MAKE YOUR GUESTS FEEL WELCOME. Welcome your guests as soon as they arrive but don’t stop there. Make sure they have drinks and no one is standing alone throughout the party.

5. BE FLEXIBLE AND GRACIOUS. Make sure you have a backup if your dessert or any other important dish fails. If a guest brings someone you weren’t expecting, be gracious and welcome them to your party.

6. BE APPRECIATIVE. Always, always, always say thank you to each and every guest as they are leaving. And if someone brought you a gift, don’t forget to thank them for that as well.


1. RSVP. Let the host(ess) know right away if you will be attending their party. Even if no RSVP was indicated it is always polite to let them know. Do it promptly so it doesn’t seem like you are waiting for something better to come along.

2. BE PROMPT. There is nothing more rude than being late. Arrive on time or no more than 15 minutes after the specified time however, do not arrive early, unless you are going to help!

3. BE A WILLING PARTICIPANT. If you are asked to join a party game or look at family photos, do so graciously. When dinner is announced go straight to the table.

4. OFFER TO HELP. If you’re visiting the host(ess) in the kitchen offer to help by doing something specific. “May I help you put that salad together?” If you just ask, “Can I help?” the host(ess) is more than likely going to say “Oh, no, that’s okay!” It’s always thoughtful to help tidy up towards the end of the party, even if it’s just bringing in the dishes from the dining room to the kitchen area.

5. DON’T OVERINDULGE. You don’t want to look like you haven’t eaten in a week and you also don’t want to be known as the one who got drunk either! Keep eating and drinking to a moderate level.

6. GIVE YOUR THANKS… TWICE. Obviously, you will always say thank you when you leave a party but it is always thoughtful to send a hand written note along to your host(ess) telling them what a lovely time you had.

There are many more ways to be a wonderful host(ess) and guest but a very important one and one that I hope goes without saying…. LEAVE THE CELL PHONE IN THE CAR!

If you have any other ideas I’d love to hear them so leave a comment! Enjoy the 2014 holiday season!

Soup’s On!


If you love soup, then you’ll love all of these soup related gift ideas. And I’m proud to say that my hand stamped SOUP’S ON spoon is among all of these great Canadian made items!

Originally posted on mehker:

So… it is cold out.  The weather is all over the place – hot, hot, hot like summer last week – then blistery cold winter temperatures this week.  Where did fall go?  I am all too happy to snuggle up on the sofa, throw a blanket over me and marathon my latest obsession on Netflix.  Add a cup of soup in there for good measure and I have my ideal evening.  Lee and I have been discussing getting some new soup bowls – thought I’d check out Etsy (as usual).  Below are 10 cool soup related things (made in / sourced from Canada) I came across… dreaming of cheddar biscuits and creamy soups all day long ;) Stay warm friends!

Ben and Lily – Scandinavian Design Soup Bowls- Toronto, ON

The warm brown accented with the pop of turquoise is right up my ally!  Think of all the yummy french onion…

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Just some of the gorgeous hand stamped vintage silverware that is available at the Dazzling Dezignz Etsy shop.

Just some of the gorgeous hand stamped vintage silverware that is available at the Dazzling Dezignz Etsy shop.